Wholesalers of Dust, Refuse and Litter Management

We stock the Addis Plastic Dustbin, which is grey in colour with a black lid, 90 litre capacity and has clip on handles.

We also stock a heavy duty Plastic Dustbin with a black lid that is 90 litre capacity and a Galvanised Dustbin.

We stock two Litter Pickers,a Long handled Dustban and Brush a selection of Dust Pans and Refuse Bags


HD 90ltr Black Dustbin c/w Lid

Ref: B24

Black Refuse Bags on rolls of 20

Ref: B30

Black Refuse Bags (Outer of 30 Rolls)

Ref: B35

Heavy Duty Blue Rubble Sacks

Ref: B36

Heavy Duty Blue Rubble Sacks (PK 100)

Ref: B36-0

Larger Size Black Refuse Bags (10 per roll)

Ref: B37

Large Bin Bags Outer Pk 30

Ref: B37-0

Bag Ring - Easy

Ref: BM25

Plastic Dust Tray 230mm Wide

Ref: DP1

Large H.D. Dust Pan

Ref: DP12

Steel Dust Pan 330 mm Wide

Ref: DP6

Banister Brush PVC Stock Med Stiff

Ref: JP14

Litter Picker (New Design)

Ref: LP2

Wheelie Bin Bags 6/Roll

Ref: B38

Wall or Post Bracket Holder

Ref: BM26

Plastic Dust Pan 305mm Wide

Ref: DP3

90 Litre Dustbin c/w Metal Clips on Lid

Ref: B28

Medium Banister Brush Gumati Fill (JG2)

Ref: BM39

Medium Banister Brush - Bassine Bristle.

Ref: BM145

Soft Banister Brush- PVC Bristles. JN21B

Ref: BM146

Litter Picker "Extra Length"

Ref: LP35

Crocodile Picker

Ref: STV333