Wholesalers of Drain Rod and Accessories

We stock Universal Drain Rods, supplied in packs of 10, Lock Fast Drain Rods and we offer a Drain Rod Set in a case which comes with a Worm Screw, Plunger and Scraper.

We hold stock on Drain Rod accessories and we now keep the X-Flex Range and Flexi Nylon Trigger Lock Rods

3" Drain Rods 3/4" std Joint (pk10)

Ref: DR1

6" Drain Testing Plug

Ref: DR10

4" Rubber Plunger

Ref: DR2

Sweeps Brush poly

Ref: DR21

Sweeps Brush Wire 16"Diam

Ref: DR22

Drain Rod Set in Case, Rods,Worm, Plunger & Scraper

Ref: DR25

4" Half Drop Scraper

Ref: DR3

3"Poly rod Lockfast Joint (PK10)

Ref: DR30

4" Plunger Lockfast

Ref: DR31

4" Half Drop Scraper Lockfast

Ref: DR33

2" Worm Screw Lockfast

Ref: DR34

2 1/2 Wheel Lockfast

Ref: DR35

4" Drain Brush Lockfast

Ref: DR38

2" Double Worm Screw

Ref: DR4

6" Rubber Plunger

Ref: DR6

4" Woodstock Drain Brush

Ref: DR7

6" Woodstock Drain Brush

Ref: DR8

4" Drain Testing Plug

Ref: DR9

2 1/2" Wheel

Ref: DR5

6" Plunger Lockfast

Ref: DR32

Sweeps Brush Lockfast

Ref: DR36

6" Drain Brush Lockfast

Ref: DR39

12mm x 1M Flexible Nylon Rod White L/Fast

Ref: DR40

5" Poly Brush 1/2" for Nylon Rods

Ref: DR41

7" Poly Brush 1/2" for Nylon Rods

Ref: DR42

Brush Adaptor 7/16" M /1/2" F Whitworth Thread

Ref: DR43

Adaptor Uni-Male/ 7/16" F Whitworth Thread

Ref: DR44

Drain Rod Adaptor Lockfast

Ref: DR45

2mtr x 1" Drain Rod SINGLE (Universal)

Ref: DR55

Medium Plunger

Ref: DR61

2M x 3/4 Blue Drain Rods (1612) PK 10

Ref: DR65