Wholesalers of Dog Leads,Collars and Accessories

We stock Nylon and Braided Leads which are available in black, red and blue, together with Polypropylene Adjustable Collars with a metal buckle and Nylon Adjustable Collars with a heavy duty plastic buckle, available in black, red and blue and in three sizes.

We keep dog training dummies and whistles, as well as dog chains,goat chains, stakes and gundog/beaters slip leads.

Everything for training your canine friend.

6 ft Dog Chains

Ref: DG15

Gundog Lead 8mm x 1.5m Slip Lead

Ref: DG16

6" x 3mm Dog Chain V10

Ref: DG20

6" x 4mm Dog Chains V8

Ref: DG21

9" x 4mm Dog Chain V8

Ref: DG22

15" x 4mm Goat Chain

Ref: DG28

1lb Dummy - Green

Ref: DOGT2

2 lb Dummy

Ref: DOGT3

Puppy Dummy with Toggle - Green

Ref: DOGT8

1lb Dummy Softer - Green


6" x 5mm HD Dog Chain

Ref: DG24

Beaters Lead 8mm x 1.2M Braid Lead

Ref: DG508

Shepherds Mouthpiece

Ref: N0576

Ultra High Pitch Whistle

Ref: N0210/5

Std High Pitch Whistle

Ref: N0211/5

Pro Trialers Whistle

Ref: N0212

Silent Dog Whistle

Ref: N0535

Twisted Dog Stakes

Ref: DG23

Black Nylon Lead 36" x 25mm

Ref: 536BLK

3lb Dummy

Ref: DOGT4

Puppy Finger Dummy - Green

Ref: DOGT6

Combination Whistle, Twin Tone

Ref: N0442

Survival Whistle

Ref: N0649