Wholesalers of Buckets

We offer a wide range of buckets in a variety of colours and sizes.

These include Tuff Buckets in black, green and grey, Heavy Duty Blue Calf Buckets, Feed Buckets and Three Gallon Buckets in a selection of colours.

We also stock Heavy Duty Stadium Buckets in green and yellow and their Pour and Scoop Black Buckets, we also have available a Heavy Duty Buffalo Bucket in orange.

We keep stock of three sizes of galvanised buckets and we offer the Hook Over Bucket Holders for the 2 gallon and 1 1/4 gallon Calf Buckets

3 gall Bucket c/w spout (Kanguro)

Ref: B1

2 gall Bkt HOLDER

Ref: B40

1 1/4gall Bkt HOLDER

Ref: B41

2 Gallon Black Calf Bucket

Ref: BK11

3 gall HD Yellow Stadium Bkt

Ref: BK14

2 gall Blue Calf Bucket

Ref: BK5

3 gallon HD Galvanised Bucket

Ref: BK36

1 1/4 gall Blue Calf Bucket

Ref: BK6

2 gall Blue Dumpy Bucket

Ref: BK7

2 gall HD Green Stadium Bkts

Ref: BK8

3 gall Black Scoop Bkt c/w pourer

Ref: BK12

White Feed Bucket

Ref: BK21

3 gall Yellow Bucket c/w Pourer

Ref: BK28

22 Litre Yellow Bucket

Ref: BK17

1 1/4gall Green Tuf Bucket

Ref: BK2

2gall Green Tuf Bucket

Ref: BK3

1 1/4 gall Grey Tuff Bucket

Ref: BK4

1 1/4 gall Brown Tuff Bucket

Ref: BK45

1 1/4 gall Orange Tuff Bucket

Ref: BK46

1 1/4 gall Red Tuff Bucket

Ref: BK47

3 Gallon Orange Buffalo Bucket

Ref: BK9

10 Litre Rubber Feed Bucket

Ref: B4

17 Litre Rubber Feed Bucket

Ref: B5

5ltr Grey Bucket

Ref: BK62

Hoof Proof Feed Bucket BLUE

Ref: BK71

Hoof Proof Feed Bucket RED

Ref: BK72

Hoof Proof Feed Bucket GREEN

Ref: BK73

Hoof Proof Feed Bucket PURPLE

Ref: BK74

Hoof Proof Feed Bucket PINK

Ref: BK75

Hoof Proof HD Bucket 15ltr BLUE

Ref: BK81

Hoof Proof HD Bucket 15ltr RED

Ref: BK82

Hoof Proof HD Bucket 15ltr GREEN

Ref: BK83

Hoof Proof HD Bucket 15ltr PURPLE

Ref: BK84

Hoof Proof HD Bucket 15ltr PINK

Ref: BK85

HD Invincible Bucket 15ltr YELLOW

Ref: BK88

HD Invicible Bucket 15ltr RED

Ref: BK89

Mixing Bucket 50Ltr

Ref: B20

22 Litre Pistachio Bucket

Ref: BK91

22 Litre Purple Bucket

Ref: BK92

22 Litre Pink Bucket

Ref: BK93

22 Litre Blue Bucket

Ref: BK94

22 Litre Red Bucket

Ref: BK95

10ltr Shallow Plastic Bucket BLUE

Ref: BK50

10ltr Shallow Plastic Bucket PURPLE

Ref: BK51

10ltr Shallow Plastic Bucket PINK

Ref: BK52

10ltr Shallow Plastic Bucket RED

Ref: BK53