Wholesalers of Troweling and Brick Laying

Our Troweling and Brick Laying Section has a good variety of products, we keep Poly and Wooden Handled Metal Floats in stock as well as Pointing and Gauging Brick Layer Trowels.

We keep Spirit Levels in stock, the sizes we keep are the (LEV1) 9" Torpedo Level, 24", 36" and 48" Surface master Spirit Levels.

We also keep a Standard and a Heavy Duty Caulking Gun in stock.

11" Brick Trowel

Ref: 3136

Gauging Trowel 7"

Ref: 3377

6" Pointing Trowel

Ref: 3371

11" Float

Ref: 3373

Plasterers Hawk Aluminium

Ref: 3380

Plasterers Hawk Poly

Ref: 3382

H D Caulking Gun

Ref: HT7850

Caulking Gun

Ref: HT9907

229mm Torpedo Level

Ref: LEV1

60mm Surfacemaster Spirit Level

Ref: LEV2

Plastic Float 11" x 5 1/2"

Ref: 2100

90mm Surfacemaster Spirit Level

Ref: LEV4

48" Spirit Level

Ref: LEV5