Wholesalers of Blow Torches and Gas

We stock Portable Gas Cylinders and Blow Torch Heads from GoGas.

The Butane Cylinder is 277gm and we supply a Butane/Propane Mix Cylinder which comes in either 170gm or 350gm. 

A selection of Blow Torch Heads are also available.

Go-Gas Butane Cartridge 277gm

Ref: GAS10

Butane/Propane Mix Cartridge 170gm

Ref: GAS11

Go-Gas Butane Propane Mix Cartridge 350gm

Ref: GAS12

Blow Torch Head Only "Auto Ignition"


Blow Torch Head Only

Ref: GAS5H

Workmate Blow Torch Head Only

Ref: GAS6H