Wholesalers of Batteries

Our range of Batteries includes products from both Duracell and JCB.

The Duracell Batteries that we keep in stock are sold as mainly packs of 4 (2 in the case of C & D cells and 9v are singles). Sizes we keep include AAA, AA, C, D & 9v.

We also keep JCB branded Alkaline Batteries in stock, the pack sizes are the same as the Duracell products, AAA, AA, C, D & 9v Batteries are available.

We also keep in stock JCB PJ996 Batteries which are available as singles or as an outer pack of 6.

NEW PRICE PJ996 Eveready Batteries OUTER PK 12

Ref: 4140-0

PJ996 Batteries OUTER PK OF 24

Ref: 4140-24

"AAA" Duracell Alkaline Battery pk4

Ref: DUR3

"AA" Duracell Alakline Battery pk4

Ref: DUR4

"C" Duracell Alkaline Battery pk2

Ref: DUR5

"D" Duracell Alkaline Battery pk2

Ref: DUR6

"9V" Duracell Battery MN1604B1 Single

Ref: DUR7

"AAA" JCB Alkaline Battery pk4

Ref: JCB5

"AA" JCB Alkaline Battery pk4

Ref: JCB6

"C" JCB Alkaine Battery pk2

Ref: JCB7

"D" JCB Alkaline Battery pk2

Ref: JCB8

"9V" JCB Alkaline Battery single pk

Ref: JCB9