Our Plastic Poultry Drinker range consists of a few different designs. We stock small Plastic Poultry Fountain Drinkers, which are made up of parts (base & body) and simply lock together. These are available as 1.5ltr, 3ltr, 6ltr and a heavy duty 10ltr. We can also provide the Red and White Mushroom top Drinkers, which have a simple screw lock and are available in 1ltr, 4ltr, 5ltr and 8 ltr.

Another type of plastic drinker that we stock are the Green and White Base Fill Poultry Drinkers. These are incredibly easy to use and are filled by removing the plug on the bottom, meaning they can be easily topped up by a tap. The Base Fill drinkers are available in 5ltr, 8.5ltr and 12ltr. Chick Protector and Protective Rings are also available for these Drinkers.

We also stock a range of automated drinkers for Game Birds, Laying Hens and Chicks. The Auto Drinkers for the Game Birds and Layers both come with kits, containing all the necessary hoses and fittings to get them up and working and the Auto Drinker for Chicks dispenses water into the drinker when a chick stands on the top.

Our latest range is the Lime Green Eco Drinkers, these are lightweight and come with a carry handle. They are available in 1.5ltr, 3ltr, 5ltr, 8ltr and 10ltrs.

As well as small drinkers we also stock the big 20ltr Tripod Drinkers, these are great for Chickens and Ducks. The tripod drinkers are filled through a hole in the top and the water is dispensed through a valve just above the drinking bowl.

1.5 ltr Chick Fountain Drinker

Ref: P10

3.0 ltr Chick Fountain Drinker

Ref: P11

5.0 ltr Chick Fountain Drinker

Ref: P12

Auto Drinker for Game Birds (1 per 100 Birds)

Ref: P2

Auto Drinker for Pullets & Layers (1 per 100 Birds) W/M2

Ref: P3

Plastic Drinker Stand 520x70mm

Ref: P30

Chick Activated Drinker

Ref: P4

Cage Cup Singles

Ref: P8

Mini Cup Drinker

Ref: P9

5ltr Drinker for Chickens

Ref: PG102

8.5ltr Drinker for Chickens

Ref: PG103

12ltr Drinker for Chickens

Ref: PG104

2lt Chick Drinker BLUE

Ref: PG105

Chick Protector

Ref: PG106

Protective Ring Green

Ref: PG107

1.5ltr Plastic Eco Chicken Drinker

Ref: PG130

3ltr Plastic Eco Chicken Drinker

Ref: PG131

5ltr Plastic Eco Chicken Drinker

Ref: PG132

8ltr Plastic Eco Chicken Drinker

Ref: PG133

10ltr Plastic Eco Chicken Drinker

Ref: PG134

5ltr Drinker Red c/w Legs

Ref: PG150

8ltr Drinker Red c/w Legs

Ref: PG151

10ltr Drinker Red c/w Legs

Ref: PG152

5ltr Drinker Gold Base Fill

Ref: PG160

8tr Drinker Gold Base Fill

Ref: PG161

12ltr Drinker Gold Base Fill

Ref: PG162

20ltr Siphon Drinker

Ref: PG165

30ltr Siphon Drinker

Ref: PG166

40ltr Siphon Drinker

Ref: PG167

1ltr Chick Drinker (10919)

Ref: PG180

8ltr Bebedero Drinker with Plug

Ref: PG182

10ltr Bebedero Drinker with Plug

Ref: PG183


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